Our Mission | We specialize in empowering individuals and organizations to increase their mental fitness for optimal functioning  in order to achieve and successfully balance their mental health, career and holistic wellness goals. (learn more)

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B365 Mental Health Service

B365 Mental Health Service | Improve mental health & the 8 dimensions of wellness through psychotherapy, coaching psychology, assessments, action plans & accountability….. (learn more)

B365 Career Coaching Service

B365 Career Coaching Service | Advance career goals through measurable, strategic action plans, assessments, accountability, research, job interview coaching and resume reviews…. (learn more)

B365 Workshop Services

B365 Workshop Services | Discover sustainable solutions for individual, group & organizational challenges in a dynamic, interactive group manner through worksheets & the 4 learning styles….. (learn more)

Work with us

Work with us | Let’s work together to help you move closer to your fullest potential, mentally and career wise. This is about reclaiming: Your power. Your self love. Your health. Your goals. Your faith. Your service. Sign up for our first meeting here: Sign up